Tela What??? Tela Who??? TELADOC

Have you heard of Teladoc, the new service that West Side Transport is offering to all of its employees and family members at no charge??? If you have not, please let me explain what Teladoc is. Teladoc is a service that West Side Transport is offering to all of its employees on your first day of employment. What you need to do as the employee is go to and click on “Set Up Account” or call 1-800-362-2667 to do the initial enrollment. You will enroll yourself, your spouse and children on the
West Side Transport policy. After this is complete the hard part is over.

When you or an enrolled family has symptoms that may be caused from:

• Cold or Flu
• Allergies
• Bronchitis
• Urinary Tract Infection
• Respiratory Infection
• Sinus Problem
• Spider Bite
• Rash
• Common Chronic Conditions

You can call TelaDoc, talk to a consultant who will send your information to a licensed physician and you will receive a phone call back within sixty minutes. If a prescription is needed they will call the prescription into your pharmacy of choice. This means no more ER visits for a chronic condition, no more sitting in the urgent care clinic being coughed on by other sick people and best of all you will not have to pay a copay for the call. What a wonderful concept, saving money and never leaving the house or truck to get treated!!! Please enroll today and if you have any questions call Amy at ext 164.
Stay healthy out there West Side Transport!


Any questions about Teladoc or anything else call a West Side Transport recruiter at 800-677-5627 or email