Brett Hines

Employee since January 2013 | West Side Transport Student Driver Trainer and Home Daily Driver

"West Side Transport is a good place. It is family friendly and family oriented. Don, the owner is a wonderful man, he comes into the office often to talk to drivers. My first few weeks I was here, Don would come in and shake your hand and talk to you. That was my first experience at West Side and now I'm stuck here, because I want to be, I love it! Pay checks are never late and always there. The dispatches are great and so are the office people! I like them a lot, it's like my extended family. It's hard to find a trucking company that is this family oriented and West Side is one of those companies.

My father owned a moving company when I was growing up and I see a lot of the same caring in this company. When my 20 year old son passed away in 2016 in Pennsylvania West Side Transport paid for a plane ticket to get me there. They took care of me and I got paid during my time handling my family emergency.

After five years of working here, I still feel like a new guy. I'm happy everyday and I have a great run. I can't see people leaving this company for another one. The grass isn't greener on the other side, the grass is green here!" -Brett Hines

Gidget Haser

Employee since February 2013 | West Side Transport Student Driver Trainer and Regional Driver

"West Side Transport was there for me from the start. At the time I started, I was in a situation where I was living with friends and all of my belongings were in boxes. At that time when I was originally filling out applications and sending resumes, nothing felt quite right. When I finally found West Side Transport and spoke with someone on the phone it just clicked, it seemed like the right place for me. West side called me and I started working. They understood my situation and helped me with my daughter. I started driving for West Side Transport over the road in Pennsylvania. I only saw my daughter one weekend every month. I asked West Side: if I moved to Cedar Rapids, if I could be home more often. They helped me relocate and had a driver come get me for the move. I now drive Midwest Regional and see her every weekend. After six months I realized I loved it here. Everyone is so nice to me. I also became a Student Driver Trainer. I love west side so much that I thought that becoming a trainer would be the perfect way to give back to West Side after all they have done for me.

People here keep their promises. Don, the owner, is the type of person that will ask you how you're doing if he sees you. You can talk to him anytime and he values what you have to say. If you have a problem he will fix it right then and there. When I moved into my house the backyard needed to be filled in so my dog could play outside safely. We had a lot of extra dirt at one of our new lots and I asked Don if I could buy some of it. He not only said yes but he had some of his buddies come move it and level my yard for me." -Gidget Haser



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