Position Title:  Glenwood Operations Supervisor

Position Reports to:  Terminal Manager

Position Location: Glenwood, IL

Position Summary: Supervising the operations of our fleets based in Illinois. Planning and Dispatching are the primary duties for this position focusing on customer and driver satisfaction. Attention to customer service and driver turnover are the key supervision functions of this position.

Essential Functions:

• Will be responsible for planning all drivers and freight for divisions falling underneath the Illinois operations spectrum.

• Dispatching all drivers in divisions falling underneath the Indiana operations area. Driving revenue gains and managing turnover are key functions.

• Forecasting freight needs and driver needs to service accounts while maintaining a high level of utilization for the Indiana divisions. Relaying that forecasting to management and customer service team members.

• Directing customer service to book same day or next day freight with brokers or regional customers to help increase utilization meanwhile maintaining quality services levels for all loads committed to.

• Performs other related duties as requested.

Necessary Qualifications:  2 years of transport operations experience.

Physical Qualifications:  Sitting, talking on the phone and entering data into computer for extended periods of time.


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