Position Title:  Logistics Pricing Associate

Position Reports to:  Branch Manager

Position Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

Position Summary:  Works closely with Branch Manager and Director of Logistics to provide spot market pricing.  Stays current on market changes and reports to management and Logistics team. Solicits pricing on new lanes from partner carriers and assists in RFPs for both current and new customers.

Essential Functions:

• Work closely with Branch Manager and Director of Logistics to provide spot market pricing for new and current customers. Develop new lanes and create long term opportunities.

• Utilize tools to stay in touch with the changing markets. Communicate in a timely manner to the Logistics team and adjust spot pricing within those markets.

• Solicit rates from partner carriers on new lane opportunities. Goal is to establish these lanes as long term commitments to our customers.  Establish rapport and open communication with customers to understand their needs and requirements within these new lanes.

• Assist brokers as needed to cover open loads. Utilize DAT and other carrier databases to find partner carriers to cover these loads.

• Work closely with CSR/Order Entry personnel to ensure accurate timely on load scheduling. Also, assist with CSR/Order Entry personnel workload as needed.

• Work with Branch Manager and Director of Logistics to complete RFPs for both new and current customers.

Necessary Qualifications:  One year experience in Customer Service area or related field. Fluent in Microsoft Office, Internet based programs (DAT, TMS systems, etc), Skype.  Able to manipulate Microsoft Excel to Filter/Sort as well as input formulas.  Some experience with AS/400 is preferred.

Physical Qualifications:  Sitting, talking on the phone and entering data into computer for extended periods of time.


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