Driver App Users – No More Trip Sheet!

West Side Transport is excited to announce a new feature on the West Side mobile app that will make scanning in documents faster, easier, and more accurate.  Going forward, if you are using the mobile app you will no longer need to fill out a trip sheet.  From within the app, select the scan documents option and a list of loads you hauled will pop up.  Select the load that your document(s) belong to then select the appropriate document type (BOL, Toll, Lumper, etc).  Click send.  That’s it.  No more trip sheet and no more bubbles to fill in.

A few reminders:

  1. This only works for the mobile app.  If you are scanning at a truck stop or a terminal you will still need to fill out a trip sheet and fill in the bubbles.
  2. You can only scan in documents for 1 trip at a time.
  3. It will still be a good idea to write down your trip # and driver code on your documents to keep straight which load they are for.
  4. Retain all documents for 30 days just in case there are any issues receiving your scans so that you can resend if requested


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