Gala 2017 West Side Transport


Drivers need to be recognized for all the sacrifices that make daily to provide the rest of us what we need daily. West Side Transport offers just that with our truck driver awards that recognizes the drivers who go above and beyond and do an excellent job of representing West Side Transport. The truck driver awards are not only meant to recognize the drivers, but to also give thanks to the driver and their families for everything they do.

Driver of the Month

Driver of the Month is selected from the nominees submitted from each department in the company. The criteria to receive Driver of the Month are: minimum of 1 year employment at West Side Transport, 100 % on-time delivery, no load refusals, compliant on all fuel stops, no intentional loss of productivity, no preventable accidents/incidents, no speed gauge verbal warnings, no safety violations for the month, paperwork scanned on time, be dependable and have a positive attitude. Nominees will then be presented to the Leadership Team and they will vote for the top 2 drivers to receive Driver of the Month.

Outstanding Driver of the Year

Driver of the year is chosen from the 24 driver of the month nominees.

Outstanding Graduate of the Year

The Outstanding Graduate of the Year is an award based on the demonstrated professionalism needed to take their driving career to the next level.  They have had 100% on-time delivery, no CSA violations and no preventable accidents and/or incidents.  They are excellent at communicating with all departments in a timely and concise manner.  This award is the highest standard with whom all students should strive to achieve.

Outstanding Trainer of the Year

The Outstanding Trainer of the Year is a driver who has gone above and beyond while training the next professional truck driver.  The men and women in this program sacrifice a lot of their personal time and space to place the next generation of safe drivers behind the wheel.   It’s more than holding a steering wheel as they must teach safety,  proper inspections, defensive driving and trip planning to name a few.  Student Driver Trainers also stay in contact with their student when they become a solo driver as they will have situations arise where they will need guidance.   When you become a trainer you will more than likely make a life-long friend with each student you train.

The Million Mile/Safe Driving Awards

The Million Mile Safe Driving award at West Side Transport is to honor drivers who have provided at least 1 million safe and accident-free miles.  The amount of dedication and professionalism it takes to achieve this goal is to be commended.  A truck averaging 55 miles per hour would have spent over 18,000 hours on the road without any preventable accident to achieve this goal.   West Side Transport begins honoring our safe drivers at the 500,000-mile goal with a company jacket and continues to honor our drivers at the 1, 2, 3 and 4 million mile marks.  Being a dedicated driver has no limits as we have drivers who have hit each goal. We are proud of the drivers who have attained this remarkable goal!

For home daily drivers, the same awards are presented after achieving 3 Years, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18. We are proud of the drivers who have attained these achievements and ask that all of you strive to do the same.

Gold Service Awards

To recognize drivers for outstanding customer service and 100% on-time deliveries over the course of the year.

The West Side Transport Gala

West Side Transport announces the winners of these awards throughout the year in our monthly newsletter as well as at the West Side Transport Awards Gala - Employee Appreciation Event!

Every year West Side Transport hosts an truck driver awards Gala that is dedicated to the employees of West Side Transport. The truck driver awards Gala takes a full year to plan so we can be sure that the employees of West Side Transport know how much we appreciate everything that they do to contribute towards our success.

West Side Transport foots the bill for manicures/pedicures, hotel, breakfast, dinner, awards, live entertainment and grand prizes throughout the entire Gala event. The truck drivers awards we recognize are GEM awards, Gold Service Awards, Years of Service, Safe Million Mile, Student of the Year, Driver Mentor of the Year, Driver of the Month and Driver of the Year. The truck driver awards is always a night that no will ever forget.


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