At West Side Transport, we believe that Every One Needs Something... whether it's a truck driver needing a job, recognition, a friend or family member needing food for dinner, tools for their favorite hobby, or time to spend together. We help fulfill all of those Needs. 

Just imagine for a minute if there were no truck drivers. After just a few hours, gas stations would run out of fuel. That would result in the shutdown of police cars, ambulances, firetrucks, buses, airplanes and all other forms of transportation. Shipments of materials would stop which would cause a huge delay in manufacturing. Hospitals would run out of medical supplies because they rely on daily deliveries. Assembly lines would be shut down, and those employees would be let go because they would no longer have enough materials to keep working. Grocery stores would run out of food and cause people to panic all across the country. Homes would be overrun with garbage because there would be nobody to collect it.  Banks and ATMs would run out of money. Lastly, clean drinking water would run out. Humans cannot live more than a week without water.  

Every One Needs Truck Drivers. West Side Transport Needs You!

Truck driver with trucks going around the globe


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