Innovation: with our West Side Transport Driver App is exactly what you get.

The West Side Transport driver app allows drivers disconnect from the truck and still receive everything they would while they are on duty or off duty.

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Here is just a brief list of what the West Side Transport driver app can do.

• Scan Documents - all from the comforts of your truck or home.

Receiving Loads - receiving all load assignments along with all load information from your phone.

• Payroll - View your gross pay, net pay and your actual cents per mile.

• Weather - view 7 day forecast in your area or any area you are going to.

• Driver Referral - Earn extra money on referring drivers to West Side Transport

• Driver Help Videos - videos that help with daily tasks. Every One Needs Support…

• Cat Scales - weigh my truck


Any questions? Call a West Side Transport recruiter at 800-677-5627 or email