West Side Transport is a medium sized company with a small company feel. We appreciate the drivers, mechanics and office staff who work so hard to make every day run as smooth as possible. The family atmosphere was established over 40 years ago when the Vogt family started the venture with only a couple of trucks. Now it has since grown to over 500 trucks with the same family attitude and appreciation. To this day you will still find the owner hauling freight to understand better what our drivers see out there daily. He does this to make any necessary changes to help our drivers. The West Side Transport leadership team is always reviewing and making changes to improve driver satisfaction while they are out driving on the road.

You cannot describe West Side Transport with only a sentence, paragraph or catchy phrases. West Side Transport is a company that takes the time to make sure every person feels appreciated and respected. Some companies say this, but special events like our Annual West Side Transport Gala, Driver Appreciation Parties, and random prizes are just a few examples of how we appreciate the West Side Transport family.

We take the time to recognize achievements with award presentations for the driver of the month, graduating students, and more. In the end, it is how we treat people that made West Side Transport the family that it truly is.

We truly appreciate everything our employees do to contribute towards the success of West Side Transport.

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